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Friday, May 13, 2011

Intro to who I am :)

Well this is my first blog ever! First thank you Sherri Marie! I have felt for over a year I should start a blog, yet  fear has prevented me from doing so.  Saying that, I have been keeping a video diary that I will be sharing. The beginning of 2008 would start a journey for me that I never would have dreamed possible. I would see a child arrested, a child almost die, married almost 24 yrs then separated by 500 miles and have my mobility, since 15 (auto) taken away. I will be honest and forthright and, at times, this will not shed the best light on me. I ask for you to extend your kindness to me, give me grace. At one of my darkest moments, and believe me I will be writing and speaking of many, I made a decision, out of shear determination and stubbornness, that my children would see a Mother who displayed character and integrity through good as well as BAD times. Alot of stories start at the beginning, but I think I will start at the present and work back. I am no Theologian, nor Bible scholar but I am 5th generation devoted church goer. I am also not a writer or an English major. That is not my objective or gifting. But I did get named the fastest texting Mom at my daughters High School! So sometimes I revert back to texting text! Saying all that, I base my life, raise my children, minister to women, and give advice from where I come from. My Southern roots, my Granny which is my Moms Mother, my own Dad and Mom and my extended family. Our great Nation is in crisis and I am afraid it is only going to get worse. We hear only the negative day after day and I have always felt like I have  the ability to find the good or the positive in anything if you are willing to look for it. I will be updating often because I had been keeping a video diary so I hope you find my story, our story, of interest. I hope if you find yourself in a place of crisis you can find hope in our family. Their will be tears but their will be lots of laughter as well!!! I will be telling our story from my perspective, not Kenny or not my children's.  I have been married to Kenny for 27 yrs.We have 4 children. Emma 21, Wyatt13,Cole11, Isabella 8, 2 dogs sweetie pie and Gracie Mae.

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