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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Same Family, New Memories

My cousin took me to lunch, her treat, and we spent 3 hours just visiting and catching up. It is so wonderful to have family and feel a connection, especially during times of desperation.We have felt so alone for so long, God it feels so good to feel apart of a family again. We have been to 3 different homes in the week since we have been here. I will start having people in my lil cottage starting next week, even if the floors are plywood and the walls are not finished. I have realized, guests need the love of my home, not the covering of the floor or the texture on the walls, all that will come in time. If I wait until all that is done, time will pass and opportunities to make memories with people I love will also pass. I just can't allow that. I think about the families sitting in their home consumed with fear, that tomorrow will be the day that they're evicted and have no where to live, and because of that fear, they lose the joy of the day they're living in. We have been there, done that. My kids are too great, ALL kids are too great to let a day pass without, grabbing it and embracing it and being thankful for having a family. God is so good, so amazing, He comes through everytime. My cousin called, one of my favorite, he is very special to me, the one who we got the red jeep from, he said he had brand new carpet and new interior doors for our lil cottage! How about that! I didn't even ask! God provided  the need before it ever arose! We haven't even replaced the plywood on the floors, so we will have to store the carpet, but, the point is, God is so detailed, that He provided for us through my cousin on a job, a bank paid for carpet (a foreclosed home) that a homeowner bought, didn't like, was going to throw away, and his thrash was my treasure! How often we underestimate God. I know I am guilty on a daily basis.  With the present state of our economy, we better learn to focus on the little things, because I am certain the bigger things are going to happen in their own good time. We have become so accustom to such high levels of entertaining, we don't know how to just sit and visit. When I was in North Carolina, I invite someone over for dinner and they said, oh you mean meet for dinner, I said no  I  w a n t   to  co o k   y o u   d i n n e r, serve you in my home, and then sit and visit. It has become almost foreign. We have to have events and schedules and, finally,we just can't share our lives. I  have so enjoyed seeing my kids meet their cousins, many of them for the first time, they just jump in, no gadgets and start chatting and playing! Why can't adults be like that? Oh, well, I am here this week by myself with the kids, Kenny and my Dad had to go to Tallahassee for some business, so I am ripping and tearing and I am sure messing something up! I will keep you posted! Oh!,I need some suggestions for naming our lil place! Today is July 27, Well, it has been 4 days since I wrote, I have been busy, busy, but in a good way, Sherri Marie has been so wonderful to take me places and answer all my million and one questions. As I said above the kids are in heaven, they are so enjoying having their cousins to play with. They wake and wanna know who they are visiting today. I sit here and think how, we got here, and how long the road has been. And how difficult and how how joyous, so many emotions from completely different ends of the spectrum, and I think I am at perfect peace with who I call God. TODAY I am at perfect peace. I had made it an absolute mission to get Wyatt into a Christian school, preferably, Oldsmar, Christian, the school I had attended, and the nights I had laid awake, gripped with fear, and that small still voice still whispering, "Angie trust Me, Angie trust Me", just a whisper, not a command or an invasion, just very soothing and calming, as I would doze off, "Angie trust Me". I would make it through another night. Until another would come. And then I would start all over! Boy am I weak, especially when it comes to my kids, I just can't help myself. I am learning, but it is soooo a process. I had been given the names of 3 different schools but just didn't feel right about any of them. So I decided to just wait. So I wait and continue to trust and pray that God holds Wyatt's future, not me, his mother, and believe everything would work out. I am relieved to say it did, and he will be attending Oldsmar Christian! The little ones will be going to the middle school by our house for one year and then next year will transfer to Oldsmar on full scholarship. God is so faithful. We are just human and so often we are tattered and torn from the fight and we just cant see the end. But somehow God always gives us enough courage to get through. The kids met 2 more of their cousins today and they said Mom, they just keep comin and comin! They are lovin it! They wake up and ask, "So who are we gonna meet today?"