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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Do You feel As Though You Have lost the Smile Of God

Do you ever look back at certain moment which changed everything? A lightning-flash, you shut your eyes and instinctively  when you open them things look differently. I have opened my eyes many times,and been disoriented, not knowing where I was, feeling as though I was back in Tallahassee, on 6th Ave, in my bed. Even the familiar smells of my house.  I would lay there and bask in the familiar  feeling of being at home safe and secure. Where you feel like nothing can harm you. . But nothing will ever be the same again as before the lightening-flash as so they call it. Things are changed, altered, different, never to be the same.. It is a beautiful Saturday  and I am sunning and I sit and have to think I will would never want to go through such a time as this again, but I am confident that it has been the best love could has chosen for me. His love. In the beginning of all of this I felt as though it was the death of a dream, but now I realize it has become the fulfillment of the dream God had for me. His good and perfect and acceptable will. The "dreams" I had mapped out or thought was going to present themselves in Tallahassee were just not meant to be and the things that have been accomplished while in Tallahassee and up until today could have never been fulfulled had things continued the way they were. So often, I felt as though I had been abandoned, God had removed His hand from us, we had lost His smile, when in truth His love had been guiding our life. Ken Gire, speaks to this mystery; the Lord is King, but for all the clouds, we cant see the far reaches of His rule. The foundations of His throne are righteousness and justice, but darkness obscures our understanding  of how a sovereign God  could tolerate all the injustice that is rampant through the earth. We may never reach the summit of understanding where suddenly everything is clear. For some cliffs are unscalable; some crevasses unbridgeable. And we may find ourselves stranded beneath an overhang, unable to climb any higher. But, even if we do reach the summit, only patches of the surrounding panorama may be visible because of the clouds. We must bend our knee to God as our sovereign Lord.  Would we be so arrogant to believe that God should be completely explainable and comprehensible to mere men? As I sat there a sense of excitement began to build as I thought about the care God  had put into our future and what was in store for our family, And the shame and the abandoment and loneliness somehow seemed small. I began to look at my  circumstances through the eyes of Gods promises, which I will be doing a post next week explaining, instead of looking at Gods promises through the eyes of my circumstances .I may be experiencing one thing, but Gods promises say another.  A British evangelist said, the world has yet to see what God will do with and for and through and in and by the man who is fully and wholly consecrated to HIm. He said a man. He didnt say a rich man, a great man, a learned man, nor a wise man, nor an eloquent man,   but simply a man. I am a man, and it lies with the man himself whether he will or will not make that entire and full consecration. I will try my utmost to be that man. I surrender to that promise, I step out from my limitations and my own desires and into Gods vast eternal plan for my life, whatever it is He has for me. That something "new'.The issue is not how much you have of God, but how much God has of us.