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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Tool Shed Has Become My Office

I have spent the past few days going back and reading each one of my post entries. And I realized as I began this, I had a plan and a direction I wanted this thing to go. Well as ignorance would go, and life would have it, it has gone nothing like I would have it. It has not followed the plan or the direction or the outline I had in mind or on paper. Even with the best of intentions. Our life has not been easy the past 5 months, it's not like I have a nice neat office with a big desk, a PC a comfy chair that I go to every morning, break, have lunch, go back to writing stop at 5 and go home to my family. No such luck, my life has been twisted, turned and dumped upsided, all while trying to stay true to my commitment to continue to share our story, share MY story for the glory of who God is and what He has done in our life. It has been very difficult.  There is not one cubic inch in our home that is not occupied by something. We have gotten down to the bare bones of things out of necessity. Everything has a place, which leaves room for nothing else, like a place for me to carve out just for me to gather my thoughts and ask God to lead me in the direction He would have me share on that particular post. I had been getting up earlier and earlier, and still, even up that earlier at the kitchen table I was getting distracted, so I have resorted to moving a stool to the tool shed where my washer/dryer is. Not much for ambiance, but, as of yet not even the dogs have found me! It is detached from the house, thank God! So, I say that to ask your forgiveness if I repeat a story or blend stories, I just frankly have done the best I can with the situation we have been given. This whole thing started basically in a grocery store named Ingles in Waynesville north Carolina, McDonalds, Hello Gorgeous hair salon and the streets of that same city. I felt for over a year I should do it but just didn't have the nerve to jump out and do it! I would be at the grocery store and complete strangers would tell me things, things they were going through in there lives,and that would open the door for me to share what we had been through. The ladies at the deli and the bakery began to share the lives and their families with me and became dear friends of mine. Ingles had a Starbucks kiosk in it and it got to were my new "friends" would grab me and tell me to tell their aunt or their Mama or their friend my story, as a source of encouragement to the person standing in front of me! It was cool and just one of the weirdest thing I'd ever seen or heard of! . I was in the dairy section and a nicely dressed women  came toward me and smiled like she knew me, so I smiled back. Well I had noticed when I came in and parked we parked next to each other, my ole bronco next to her new escalde. She said I see you here all the time, and I see how you interact with the emplyeeeeee, and as she got that out she burst into tears, she said my life is falling apart, and I don't have anyone I can talk to. You look like you have all together. But, I just feel like I need to talk to you, you seem so approachable. Can we have coffee?  Well, as I told our situation over and over for instance at McDonald's or my hair salon, or the dairy dept, I thought God their is a need to share what we have gone though. So I came up with the idea to start writing a daily entry of our day to day struggles and share them with people as I meet them. So, I did, I wrote the address on little pieces of paper and started passing it to people as I would meet them. But, I didn't wanna be like so many of those churches you hear about, if one church takes off and something dynamic happens they run off and copy and do the same exact thing! No, it was that churches moment, not something to be copied, it was unique to them! That is what I wanted for my journal. Or blog as they are called. So I looked at a few, but decided to keep it unique to me in the sense of it will reflect my life, my emotions in the most candid and honest way I can put into words. Ok, so...... this thing has grown, to my amazement WAY bigger than my naive lil brain could have comprehended, I have alot of new people coming in so I will recap once a week and twice a week i will get back on track to our story. I have a detailed outline so it will be easy to follow, and Lord  willing we are settled for a while!

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